Biodiversity Investigation 
Data Collecting
   Facilitated by
  - Lucy Spelman (RISD)
     Amy O'Donnell (RITES, RI College)

NSF extension allows RITES to
continue through March 2015

RITES applies for funds
to extend its work into Computer Science


Engineering in the Sci Classroom
Problem Solving
  Facilitated by
  - Josh Beagan (Middletown)
     Alicia Sullivan (W Warwick)
     Frank Lenox (E Greenwich)

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Opportunities for RITES Teachers

RITES demonstrates portable x-ray diffraction instrument developed for the next Mars Rover to Rhode Island classrooms.
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Opportunities for Students

The University of RI Providence Campus conducts the undergraduate Biotechnology Manufacturing Program. Read More.


RITES Leadership present at the 2011 Math and Science Partnership (MSP) Learning Network Conference. 
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After participating in the RITES Short Course, "Sleuthing Through the Rock Cycle," I was finally excited to teach my students about rocks. 

Amy Paon, Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School, Coventry. Read More.

When I see where I’ve come as a direct result of taking the RITES Healthy Water course this Fall, I am grateful for having had the opportunity to be deeply immersed in (the) content.

Anne McLaughlin, Chemistry Teacher, Cranston HS West. Read More.

The Rhode Island Technology Enhanced Science project is supported by the National science Foundation under grant EHR-0831974 of the Mathematics & Science Partnership program.

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RITES Staff Down-sizing 

Through Friday, 27 JUNE, the RITES office and staff will be on a 20 hour-per-week schedule.  Both the RIC and URI Offices will remain open during this time.

It is with mixed emotions that we announce that William, our IT Liaison, will be leaving RITES shortly.  William has been invaluable to our efforts and success.  Without him, RITES would not be "technology enhanced".  He provided technical understanding and support to the project's technology design and implementation; to the staff; to districts; and to teachers in their classrooms.  Tireless and ever up-beat, William is a constant source of energy and efficiency.  When William is around, technology works and those around him learn how to use that technology for themselves.  We wish him well in his endeavors and his career.

RITES Project has a presence at both RIC and URI and the main telephone numbers are as follows:
Rhode Island College - (401) 456-2800                   University of Rhode Island - (401) 874-4071

To reach individual team members :

 Team member        

 E-mail address

 URI Phone number

 RIC Phone Number

 Dan Murray



 Glênisson de Oliveira



 Molly Champagne-Burke



 Howard Dooley, Jr.



 Amy O'Donnell



 Henry Wladkowski



NSF extends funding for the RITES Project --
Enables RITES to complete 6th Year and enter 7th in RI

The Rhode Island Technology Enhanced Sciences Project is pleased to announce that  the National Science Foundation has extended the performance date for the project for another year, through 31 MARCH 2015.  This “no-cost extension”, as it is entitled, is provided to “assure adequate completion of the original scope of work within the funds already made available”1.   As the name implies, no new funds have been awarded to RITES at this time.  RITES has provided NSF a plan to complete its existing work over the next six months.  NSF requires that “The plan must adhere to the previously approved objectives of the project”1, and RITES plan does just that.

District & Teacher Participant Map
The plan provides for three areas of work.
  • One, RITES is to complete documentation and presentation of RITES’ work, success, products and outcomes.  This includes its findings. Lessons learned, and recommendations to future MSP’s and STEM projects.
  • Two, RITES is to provide the necessary support to teachers participating in its PD program, particularly to cohort 4 and 5 participants, so that expected results, for teachers and their students, are realized.
  • And three, RITES is to set the foundation for continuation of its partnership, programs and research into the foreseeable future – what we call our sustainability plan.

Over the next month, the partnership and leadership team will detail each of these objectives, and we will share those details with you as we have them.  All of us at RITES look forward to continuing our collaborations with our partners and colleagues into the new school year and semesters. 

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.  – Henry Ford

1National Science Foundation. (January 2013). NSF 13-1. Award and Administration Guide.  Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide. September 19, 2013. .

RITES submits proposal to extend its work
into Computer Science

Article to be posted on 4/5/2014.  -- hld